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Rams Rumored Logo Confirmed, Unfortunately

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We have known for weeks now that at some point this offseason the Rams were going to be debuting a new logo, color scheme, and uniforms. Rams fans on Twitter and Reddit have been doing their own mockups in anticipation of the new releases.
They have ranged from extremely ugly to pretty impressive.

The official Rams Twitter account teased the new logo on Saturday, March 7th with a short video of someone removing the existing logo from a wall and leaving the space blank.

Well, a new official logo has leaked and boy is it terrible. Brace yourself if you have not seen it, it is pictured below.

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I mean, are we serious with this? You are telling me a GROUP of people put all their brains and creativity together, and the BEST thing they could come up with is this?

And these people were paid for this effort too which makes this effort all the more laughable. This isn’t even worthy of being a high school logo.

Within minutes of this being confirmed one of my good friends texted me and pointed out how this was worse than any XFL or Madden Football create-a-team logo. And he isn’t even a Rams fan, it is just objectively horrible to everyone.

And just in case you were wondering, yes this logo has been confirmed. This is no longer speculation.

This is the real deal. It has been confirmed by Yahoo! Sports as well as Sportslogos.net.

The good news is this-if common sense prevails this logo will not live to see the light of day. The NFL has already shown, very recently in fact, with enough fan backlash poor logos can be left on the shelf. WAY back in 2017 when the San Diego Chargers decided to move to LA and become the Los Angeles Chargers they debuted this as their new logo


The immediate backlash towards this look left the team with no other choice but to quickly scrap the logo and move on. And if we’re being honest, this logo is much better than what the Rams are putting out right now.

ESPN’s Rams reporter Lindsay Thiry tweeted “no reason for Rams twitter to go into full meltdown mode over one hat” Well Lindsay I went full nuclear and there is nothing you can do to stop me! For what it’s worth, I am certainly not alone. As of now the new logo has become a trending topic on Twitter, and wouldn’t you know it? EVERYONE thinks this logo stinks.

Here is why I personally am so irritated with this whole thing. Ever since the team moved to LA they have been treated as second class citizens of the league.

They aren’t in Browns or Bucs territory…yet. But you know what changes your perception?

Your branding, and with this new logo, they are hitting rock bottom and continuing to dig.

If you don’t think to brand for a team matters I will give you an example. After the 2007 MLB season, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays made the decision to change their name and logo. They were no longer to be called the Devil Rays, but simply just Rays.

Evoking the feeling of warmth and sunshine in the state, as opposed to a manta ray. While they were known as the Devil Rays they were considered a joke of a franchise. After the change? The team posted their first winning season in franchise history, won the American League East title, won the American League pennant, and reached the World Series. All firsts. All done following their re-brand.

These things matter. Should they? Probably not, but they do. The Rams struggle to get respect from the majority of the public as it is, and that is after making the Super Bowl just two seasons ago. A bad re-brand will only hurt their public perception even more.

This is the first major re-brand the team has done in 20 years. They cannot screw this up.
This almost looks more like a Chargers logo than it does a Rams one. Actually, now that I am looking at it, It looks like a mashup of Karen, who would like to speak to your manager, and the letters LA.

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