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5 NFL Players Who Would Actually Help the Ducks

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The official Ducks Twitter account joined in on the Tom Brady free agency sweepstakes by photoshopping the QBs head onto a Ducks player (wearing #12, of course.)

While Brady wouldn’t be much help on the ice, we know these 5 NFL players definitely could definitely help the Ducks.

Aaron Donald

The fearsome Aaron Donald would be a welcome addition to the Ducks blue line, giving them a presence the team has lacked since the days of Niedermayer and Pronger. Seeing Donald on skates would be a sight to behold and illicit memories of players like Dustin Byfuglien and Bobby Holik, who looked like defensive tackles on skates.

We doubt any of the Ducks’ opponents would enjoy getting hit by Donald, who no doubt has a monster slapshot just based on the size of his arms. Plus, playing for the Ducks would be a short commute for the current Los Angeles Rams All-Pro.

Tyreek Hill

A common criticism of the most recent Ducks teams is their lack of speed. A natural remedy would, of course, be a man nicknamed “Cheetah.” Hill’s shiftiness and ability to get behind defenders would be a welcome change of pace for a club who has lacked that threat since Corey’s “MVPerry” season. The coaching staff can work on his shot and hockey skills — he’s got the things you can’t teach already mastered.

Lane Johnson

Johnson’s mix of size and agility makes him a prime candidate to stick in front of the goaltender and convert on those messy scrums in front of the crease.

As an offensive lineman, Lane is no doubt used to getting his hands dirty and doing what it takes to finish the job and, like Donald, would be a player nobody wants to see at the boards. We see Johnson “paving the lane” for teammates like Rickard Rakell to put pucks on net create scoring chances that the Ducks so desperately need.

Travis Kelce

Another big guy who can move, Kelce adds another playmaker to a team that doesn’t have many to speak of. Kelce would also bring a level of bravado missing from hockey in general outside of a few individuals. His infectious confidence can be the spark the Ducks need to believe in themselves and be great. He and Hill’s recent championship success will help with that confidence as well.

J.J. Watt

The Texans pass rusher has already vocalized his love for hockey, so why not give him some pads and skates? Watt’s mean streak, along with his size and speed, would make for a dangerous pairing with Aaron Donald.

This Wisconsin kid’s grit and toughness will complement the Ducks’ mindset perfectly, especially during playoff time. The coaching staff will have to monitor his time-on-ice, though, to avoid any injuries from coming Watt’s way.

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