In what should have been the first day of the season, this all-star squad the Los Angeles Dodgers have put together, a day when all Dodgers fans could start their redemption season, they again must feel cheated.

Not by the banging of a trashcan, or electronic buzzers, maybe, video thievery, or by a Howie Kendrick grand slam off Clayton Kershaw, but of an enemy we cannot only not see, but not even have the chance to see it chase a Kershaw slider down and away.

Across the country, people are sheltered in place, not going outside to be amongst other lovers of the game. A day where every team is undefeated, we all feel quite overwhelmingly, indeed, defeated.

There is no crack of an ash bat, no heckler down the 1st base bag, no flyovers or first pitches, there is only hope and desperation to see our teams back on the field, soon.


Who knows how long we will be without America’s heartbeat, but it will be at least until May according to commission Bob Manfred. What will happen when it does come back if, in fact, we do get to see baseball played in 2020? This is no strike-shortened season, although, sure the commissioner’s office has protocols to lean on, from the past, to consider.

This season has not been skewed because of greed, or contract negotiations, or ownership squabbles. It’s not something that can be walked-off with a Cody Bellinger light tower shot or a Mookie Betts gaper to right-center.

We all just sit here and take this shot of reality, and hope to see the boys of summer back in that cathedral we call a stadium.

This would be a soul-crushing, not so cherry on top, event to the Dodgers and its fan base. Acquiring a superstar talent in Betts, added him with a reigning MVP player in Bellinger, a team chomping at the bit to take out its vengeance, has put positivity in the air for this team it hasn’t had in quite some time.

THIS was going to be L.A.’s year. A revenge tour season. An All-Star game in Chavez Ravine. Two MVP’s in the lineup and a host of youthful, stud players to build future championships with.

All of it halted. Possibly even canceled.

There are things to look forward to. This is temporary. The bans will lift, people will return to baseball fields, and more importantly, to work. Normalcy will once again find it’s way back into our homes, and into baseball. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

When this season finally does get to have its opening day, baseball will help heal the wounds of this virus. Just not as quickly as that pesky Kendrick grand slam.

Featured Image: John Rohrer
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