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Hard Knocks is Going Hollywood This Year (Again)

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To the surprise of many, the Los Angeles Rams will again be finding themselves behind the cameras if and when training camp opens later this year.
And in peak Hollywood fashion HBO’s Hard Knocks is doing the sequel bigger than it’s predecessor.

For the first time in the shows almost 20 year history, two teams will be featured on the weekly episodic program. The co-located Los Angeles Chargers will be making their first appearance alongside the Rams.

Rams fans will recall the team was featured on the show back in 2016 as they were transitioning from St. Louis back to Los Angeles. That season was not particularly one to remember for the team, and many had remarked how boring the show was with the Rams as the focal point.

Unfortunately for Jared Goff, who was a rookie at the time, he left fans with a memorable moment which he certainly wishes would have been left on the cutting room floor. When pressed by a coach as to where the sun rises, Goff was unable to provide an answer, leaving all of us at home chuckling at his expense.


Pictured: Rams and Chargers Scrimmage


In case you were wondering if the NFL picked the Rams, they didn’t. The team volunteered, which is what makes this such a curious decision. The selection for the show is based on the following factors: 1) Do not have a first-year head coach; 2) Have not made the playoffs the past two seasons; and 3) Have not appeared on “Hard Knocks” the past 10 years.

Why volunteer for a program that players have notoriously despised? It’s not like they have to go far to ask for player opinions.



Goff was asked if there was anything good about being on Hard Knocks and he responded by saying, “No, Zero. Not one thing.” The pretty clear message there wouldn’t you say? He also added, “You’re always on edge”.

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Just a hypothetical here, if I was the Head Coach of a football team and I was preparing them for success I would try to keep them as focused as possible on football and not on any more of an edge than professional athletes already are.



Photo: Hard Knocks

I guess the writing was on the wall. These two teams are already sharing a city and a stadium so why not share the limelight of Hard Knocks? Both teams will also be making the adjustment from their established running backs as Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon have found new homes. I would also like to add that the new Rams logo could also pass as a Chargers logo so I guess they have that going for them too.


It is also entirely possible this never even happens because as ESPN’s Adam Schefter pointed out this whole thing will be off the table if the NFL doesn’t even have their normal training camps this season.

Judging by Rams fans, and other NFL fans as well that would be totally OK with everyone.

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