Practicing good social distancing during these tough times is made just a little easier by being stuck inside with someone you love.
It could be a spouse, a parent, a sibling, or a dear friend.

What if, though, we lived in a universe where we would be forced to quarantine with some of our favorite hockey players?

As far as teams go, we think the Ducks’ all-time “Stuck Indoors” team would be pretty awesome – on and off the ice.

Goalie: Ilya Bryzgalov 

“Bryz” would no doubt be the most fun goalie to have in our quarantine house due to his personality and laissez-faire attitude. The former Ducks draft pick spent a total of 9 seasons with the Ducks before moving onto Arizona and Philadelphia, where his bizarre post-game interviews made him somewhat of a meme, like this gem:

Bryz’s personality would land him numerous side gigs in the media – and on our quarantine team.

Defensemen: Kevin Bieksa and Chris Pronger

We chose Bieksa for a similar reason to Bryz – his personality would be a welcome addition to any living situation. “The Juice” is well-known for being a practical joker and all-around awesome guy who was beloved by his teammates during his stints in Vancouver and Anaheim. He even does a podcast with former teammate Ryan Kesler (who may or may not be on this list as well…)

Pronger is a nice enough guy, but he’s really on this list in case things go south. The house needs Pronger’s nasty streak to get that last package of toilet paper or fend off unwanted visitors. His veteran leadership would also keep the rest of the house in check, especially if someone is slacking on chores.

Forwards: Ryan Kesler, Teemu Selanne, Paul Kariya

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Kesler’s inclusion on this list was pretty obvious once Bieksa was brought in. The two have infectious chemistry with each other that would make this whole pandemic a bit more bearable. Plus, the practical joke wars between the two would be a high comedy!

Speaking of infectious chemistry, Selanne and Kariya’s longtime friendship would also be a sight to behold. Their stories from the road would make time fly and provide an interesting look at a bygone era of NHL hockey.

Did we miss anyone? Who would be your all-time Ducks, “Quaran-team?”

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