All sports fans have their own expectations of their favorite teams, and what they should be and what they should do.
However, those expectations don’t always meat reality.

What are the expectations and reality of the Los Angeles Kings?

Expectations are what the ownership and management put on the players, Those include making the playoffs, winning the division, conference champions and winning the Stanley Cup.

The Kings, for the most part, have been a successful franchise, winning the cup in 2011-12 and again in 2013-14. Over the past few seasons the Kings have had it rough, not making the post season.

Are the Kings just used to winning and these expectations are taken for granted, or are the expectations not up to par with the organization?

Are the expectations just a formality?

Reality is what Kings fans have to look at. This team is built for success in the future through the best prospect system in hockey. They have signed some key pieces for future success. However, for all of this to come together, it may take another 3 years of struggle. The Kings, and the prospects, need time to do this right and time to develop.

Yes, the Kings’ system is loaded with talent but it is a rare occasion the brightest of prospects come into the league and light it up. The process could take awhile to come together but when everything does come together the Kings could be cup contenders for years to come.

With hockey players ever changing teams it is important for the Kings to keep loading up their minor league system with the Ontario Reign and Fort Wayne Komets.

What are your expectations for the Kings next season and the reality for the future of the Kings? Future is bright in Los Angeles.

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