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Baseball Is…Back? What It Means for the Dodgers

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60. That is the magic number for all 30 teams right now.
That number used to be a significant number to achieve for home runs in a monster season.

Now, it’s all that separates a mediocre team or a star-studded one from capping the season with a dogpile on the field after the final out has been made.

But, is baseball really back?

Numbers and league leaders might look completely different this season. Starters are only going to make 7-9 starts, so how dependent on them can managers really be? Bullpens are going to carry clubs the entire way, so a rough start out of the gate could submarine any team, but also boost a Cinderella team to the top of the standings list. There is really so much up in the air right now that won’t be revealed to us once the final pitch is thrown in the 2020 season.

With the social distancing restrictions and medical fears our country is facing, as well as the financial impact from COVID-19, sports is a great way to help us feel more normal.

Baseball can give us a sense of hope to what a return to that normalcy will eventually be, right?

It won’t be perfect, it won’t even be easy to watch, without the fans, the crowds, the noise, but it is the only baseball we will have.

This could be the only year truly any team has a legitimate shot for a champagne shower to end their year. I think it’s feasible that about half of the league could win it all. There is far less of a window for teams to overcome slow starts, and have the cream rise to the top over a full 162-game season.

Will a Los Angeles Dodgers World Series victory mean just as much this year as it would have in 2017, or in a full 2020 season? I would think not.

The Dodgers always get a lot of flack for the crowd showing up late and leaving early, but they consistently outpace the rest of the league in attendance. This team IS Los Angeles and the crowds are what makes Chavez Ravine special.

To win the World Series in a shortened season, without fans being present, without even so much as a sniff of a parade, would be an entire let down for the city.
But, it would provide a slight calming sensation to the fan base until a full season victory can be had in 2021.

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