The Lakers 2020 8-game schedule has been released.

The Lakers will play the Clippers, Raptors, Jazz, Thunder, Rockets, Pacers, Nuggets, Kings. The Lakers still have a 5.5 game lead on the Nuggets for the 1 seed in the western conference.

Two Keys to Success

Key #1

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The first key for the Lakers is to build team chemistry. It will be almost 5 months between the last game for the Lakers. LeBron James and Anthony Davis were playing like the best duo in the NBA.

It’s going to take about 5 games for everyone to be in sync with each other. This could mean that the Lakers lose a few games but they should still hold on to the 1 seed.

Key #2

The second key is rhythm. This is a new environment that everyone will have to play under. Playing Basketball is all about rhythm and how you blend with your teammates.

This will be the reason the Lakers win the championship. This environment puts the mentally toughest team at the top.

The Lakers will play 7 current playoff teams.
These games will make the Lakers better before the playoffs.

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