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What Does the Myles Garrett Extension Mean for Joey Bosa?

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Los Angeles Chargers fans are growing more nervous this week following the massive extension of Cleveland Browns star pass rusher Myles Garrett.

Garrett is reportedly receiving a massive deal, adding up to $125 million in total. The deal is worth 5 years and roughly $25 million a year.

Why does this relate to Joey Bosa?

Simple; Garrett and Bosa are both close to the same age, are in the same position market, and have put up very similar numbers throughout their short career. Bosa and Garrett both average roughly 10 sacks per season. 

Garrett is now the highest-paid player at his position, topping Cowboys edge rusher who currently sits at $21 million per year. One would imagine Bosa is not far from these guys, especially in talent and worth.

As of now, Spotrac has Joey Bosa estimated at being worth roughly $21 million a year. Bosa currently sits at 40 career sacks, and that’s including the 2018 season where he was sidelined for a considerable amount of time with a significant back injury.     

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The Chargers did not undergo negotiations with Bosa when he became eligible for an extension last season, which is understandable considering the Philip Rivers situation and the inevitable rebuild the Chargers would have to face after the 2019 season.

Nonetheless, the Bolts should begin contract negotiations sooner rather than later with Bosa. Although they did accept his fifth year option, cutting it close and playing the franchise tag game can get ugly.

The Chargers freed up plenty of space after the departure of Rivers, and may not need to pay big quarterback money for years to come now that Justin Herbert is in town.
Hopefully, Bosa is the top priority this off-season for an extension

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