The recent events of COVID-19 have turned the sports world upside down. The hockey world is just starting to get back to “normal” and we will see hockey for the first time in months.
What about the teams, however, who are not in the play in/ playoff tournament?

The Los Angeles Kings happen to be one of those teams and we could be looking at several months without hockey in Los Angeles.

The Kings will play hockey again and we have to wonder a couple of things – What will the players do in the time allowed and what does this do for prospect development?

The players and people within the organization, including Coach McLellan, have been using Zoom for team meetings, concerns, and other team-related things are discussed.

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The players have meal plans and exercise routines sent to them by the proper Kings’ employees to help them keep on track and do not lose focus on their nutrition and healthy habits during this crazy time.

The hard part is still to come when the Kings take the ice again. They need competition from other teams, they need that gameplay instead of practices and scrimmages. The Kings need that competitive atmosphere where they are playing games that matter and that feeling that hockey is actually back. Hockey is back but it is not the same without Kings hockey.

Fans, players, and management of the Kings are in the same boat. We love to watch hockey but would love it even more if the Kings were in this crazy playoff scenario.

The positive here is that everyone, including Bailey, is doing the right things to turn this vicious cycle we call COVID around.
Do your part so they can eventually do theirs.

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