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Is Keenan Allen Underrated?

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The answer is; Yes, of course.
Keenan Allen has become one of, if not the most underappreciated wide receiver in football.

There are a lot of reasons that mix into why. Some of those may include that he’s not your typical deep ball threat that everyone is preparing their popcorn to watch on a Sunday, or maybe it’s because of the lack of attention the Chargers get in their games, on top of the low fan attendance at their home games

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Keenan Allen doesn’t get the spotlight from the media such as a Deandre Hopkins or Mike Evans, per se, but his stats do not lie.

In comparison to superstar receiver Mike Evans, for example, Keenan has him beat in receptions, yards, and catch percentage from the last 3 seasons.

Evans, however, does have a slight edge in touchdowns. Keenan’s route running and his ability to get separation at the line is top 3 with guys like Mike Thomas and Davante Adams. There are only 3 other players in the league along with Allen who has over 300 receptions, 3,000 yards, and at least 15 touchdowns; Those names are Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Deandre Hopkins.

On top of that, Keenan is tied for third with Christian McCaffrey for receptions since 2017, under only Hopkins and Mike Thomas once again.

Keenan’s stats do back up his Twitter statements about him being ranked too low on the NFL’s top 100 list, whether people believe it or not.

In conclusion, Keenan Allen could end up as a sure Hall Of Famer at the rate he is going.

So while yes, he is underappreciated, hopefully, he finds peace with shooting for the Hall Of Fame, rather than being voted high on the best players list.

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