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Ducks Season Grades: Goalies

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It was a rough year for Ducks goalies to say the least.
Both John Gibson and Ryan Miller were hung out to dry throughout the season.

This is not surprising because the Ducks have a history of allowing lots of shots on goal. Anaheim allowed the 11th most amount of shots on goal per game in the league last season averaging 32.3 shots against per game.

In addition to allowing lots of shots, looking at the team’s Corsi For and Against it shows that the opposing teams controlled the puck more often than the Ducks did during games. 

With the way Anaheim played this past season, it put a lot of pressure on their goalies.

Anaheim Ducks: John Gibson Wins Hercules Award
Photo: Harry How

John Gibson

Due to the Ducks’ play, John Gibson’s play took a big dip this season. Gibson was facing a lot of high-quality chances during the games he played. Because of the increase in higher quality chances, Gibson struggled this past season. There was seemingly no help for Gibson for the entire season. 

Throughout the season John Gibson was the best player on the ice for the Ducks. He was able to battle during every game of the season.

After a hot and cold start to the season, Gibson was able to smooth things out by the end of the shortened regular season. In his last game of the season, he had a shutout against the Toronto Maple Leafs. He was forced to leave the game early due to injury but overall Gibson had a really good game.

It may seem as if Gibson had a terrible season at first glance but truly looking into it you can see that he was actually pretty solid for the situation that he was in.

Ryan Miller

In what was probably his final season, Ryan Miller was able to provide the Ducks with solid goaltending once again.

Ryan Miller was briefly an option to be the Canucks' emergency ...
Photo: Sergei Belski

Miller was pretty consistent throughout the season which helped the Ducks when he was in the net. Ryan actually ended up playing in more games than he did last season even though it was shortened. His stats did take a hit but so did Gibson’s. Overall Miller was a solid backup for Anaheim this past season.

The Ducks’ goaltending may look like it was weak this past season but when you take a closer look you can see that their goaltending was not the problem.

The team was not doing their job to help their goalies. Anaheim will have to rely less on their defense and goalies if they want to win games in the future.

Overall Grade for the Season: B+

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