This time of year we discuss deals to be made at the NHL draft, most never get made.
The Los Angeles Kings have a scenario in place if they want to but do they even offer is a big question.

Alexis Lafreniere is an obvious #1 pick. However, the second pick, which the Kings currently have, is not so cut and dry.

What if the Kings were to make a move to double the prospects?

The only way is if that trade was sent to the Ottawa Senators, who have picks 3 and 5, and they accept.

The Kings would trade the second pick to the Senators for picks 3 and 5, therefore they end up with two premium prospects. The one position that could use some strengthening is a goaltender. The Kings have Jacob Ingham and Lukas Parik, but not much more after that. The Senators accept this deal and the Kings could potentially land top goaltending prospect in this year’s draft, Yaroslav Askarov, along with someone like Marco Rossi.

Photo: David Ciss/The Puck Authority

Askarov, 6-3 and 176 pounds, is the real deal. The only goalie in the draft to be considered a franchise goalie, the Kings could be set for years to come after Petersen, Ingham, Parik, and Askarov.

Askarov has never had a G.A.A. above 2.71 and uses his size to cut down angles, good rebound control, is an athletic freak, great at puck handling, battles well through traffic and activity around the net.

In the past two years, some of his accomplishments include winning 18/19 U18 WJC best goaltender,18/19 U17 WHC best G.A.A., and best save percentage, along with the 19-20 Hlinka Gretzky cup Gold Medal.

The Kings may very well be thinking about this move or other moves to really stack the organization.

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