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Grading the Kings’ Net

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Let’s grade the goaltenders based on their 2019-20 performances.
We evaluate Cal Peterson, Jonathan Quick, Jack Campbell.

Jonathan Quick // B

Jonathan Quick has been a staple in the Los Angeles Kings organization for years. This past year wasn’t his best record-wise but still managed to shine and show signs of the old Quick.

Although he is in the latter stages of his career he is still an above-average goaltender. The 6-1, 216 lb goaltender went 16-22-4 with a 2.79 G.A.A., a .904 save %,1 shutout in 42 games.

Cal Peterson // B

Cal Petersen is just waiting for the #1 goaltending spot to open. He has shown he belongs in short stints with the Kings and has shown signs of being a starting goaltender. Mentally strong with strong rebound control and recovery, the 6-1, 185 lb Petersen went 5-3 in 8 games while recording a 2.64 G.A.A. and a .922 save %. A goaltender who has been patient to be a full- time starter the future is bright for Petersen.

Jack Campbell // B


Jack Campbell starred at points last season, at times showing starting goaltender potential. Although his time with Los Angeles was cut short due to his trade with Toronto, he showcased that he can be a quality goaltender, either starting or coming off the bench.

In 20 games with Los Angeles, he went 8-10-2 with a 2.85 G.A.A. and a .900 save %.

All around the Kings’ group of goaltenders owed they can play and provide stability in a season of chaos.

The Kings’ netminders did give us a winning streak before COVID-19 struck in hopes of a winning attitude going into next season.
Although the record is not what they wanted, they gave us everything they had and put the King’s opponents on notice going into the offseason.

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