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RECAP – Week 3: Comebacks Prove to Be the Difference Maker in Rams’ 2020 Season

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The Rams took their first loss on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, losing the road game against the Buffalo Bills 35-32, but you cannot say that they didn’t give it there all.

The game came down to the wire, and a controversial penalty cost the Rams.

Before you blame the referees, realize they helped the Rams in week one against the Dallas Cowboys with a controversial offensive passing interference to keep Dallas out of the end zone. 

“It goes both ways. You can’t really go down just to that one play,” John Johnson III said of the controversial passing interference call.

Penalties aside, the Rams played like their former selves in the second half. The first half not so much, but there are positive takeaways from Sundays’ game. 

Every loss last season had one thing in common; a first-half deficit. The Rams lost all but one of their games when they were down or tied going into the second half. The only exception was week three against the Cleveland Browns. It was their only comeback win.

In those seven games, the Rams averaged almost 10 points in the second half, but opposing teams averaged 14.5.

This season, opposing teams have averaged two field goals in the second half while the Rams averaged 15 points.

The Rams were behind in the second half in the Dallas and Buffalo games but found ways to come back. Against Dallas, the Rams were down by one and held the Cowboys to a second-half field goal. Sunday, the Rams were down by 25 points after Buffalo’s opening drive in the second half. The Rams found a way to take the lead heading into the final minutes in the fourth quarter before a Tyler Kroft touchdown ended the miracle.    

Photo: John Munson / AP

The comeback has been a significant boost to their game. When the Rams made it to the Super Bowl in 2018, they had five comeback wins, including one in the postseason. Yes, the Rams didn’t win this week, but fighting back from a 25 point deficit shows the Rams’ potential to overcome adversity, make the correct adjustments and win.

The Ram’s next two matchups include the Washington Football Team and the New York Giants. The two weaker teams bookend a disappointing NFC East.

The comeback potential of the Rams will prove useful in the NFC West, the only division in the NFL where no team is below .500.

The Rams’ next matchup in their division is with the severely banged-up San Francisco 49ers, and they’re only loss came when they were leading heading into the second half.

Featured Image: John Munson / AP
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