While the Lakers are looking forward to winning their 17th NBA championship, the NBA awards have come out.
Clippers’ Lawrence Frank came with the NBA Executive of the Year after acquiring Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but here is why Rob Pelinka deserved that award.

After the Clippers acquired Leonard, the Lakers seem to be in some trouble. Kawhi Leonard dragged his decision five days into July, and while the days passed, many of the free agents had already signed. Immediately after Leonard’s decision Danny Green was signed, and even though his 15 million salaries is looked at as an overpay, he is a necessary piece in this Lakers roster. Pelinka also resigned KCP and JaVale McGee in the process. But none of these acquisitions are as impressive as these signs by Rob Pelinka:

Pelinka managed to sign Rajon Rondo, a key piece to the Lakers playoff success for 2.56 million, the veteran minimum. Another key member of the rotation that makes the same amount of money is Dwight Howard, a complete steal considering his production throughout the playoffs.

As if those weren’t enough, Pelinka also signed Alex Caruso to a contract worth 2.75 million, another cheap deal for a very productive player who is part of the rotation. Also in the trade deadline, Pelinka managed to acquire Markieff Morris via buyout and signed him for only 1.75 million. Morris has been a clutch performer this playoff run, is a valuable asset in the rotation.

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Between these four players, they earn a combined 9.62 million. That shows the unbelievable job that Pelinka has done founding productive and valuable players for a very low price.

Besides that, we all know what the big acquisition was for the Lakers last summer. Pelinka traded Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks for Anthony Davis. At the time, many thought that the Lakers overpaid for Davis, but just one season after the deal this narrative has completely changed. Davis’s presence couldn’t be more important for the Lakers as they try to win their 17th championship after missing the playoffs last season.

Rob Pelinka’s job this season has been outstanding, and even though he didn’t come out on top of the Executive of the Year, a championship would be a greater prize for all the job he has done.

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