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Justin Herbert Named Chargers Starting QB

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The strong storyline going into this week has been Anthony Lynn making the ultimate call for Justin Herbert to be the starting quarterback for the rest of the season and the presumptive future of the franchise.

This comes after Herbert had to make a last-second start against the Chiefs due to a medical error by a team doctor on Tyrod Taylor.

Photo: Mike Nowak/Los Angeles Chargers

Highs and Lows This Season

Justin Herbert was considered the third-best QB in the 2020 class, mostly due to the scheme he played in college at Oregon, some issues making fast reads, and his quiet demeanor was seen as a lack of leadership ability. He also showed some impressive big-play ability and was able to get out of the pocket and use his legs when the play broke down.

When the Chargers drafted Herbert at 6th overall it was widely assumed that he would redshirt under Tyrod Taylor for a majority of the season, because many scouts expected him to have a tough transition to the NFL. Circumstances clearly changed and Herbert was thrust into the starting role in Week Two and has done a fantastic job so far. 


Herbert has made some absolutely mind-boggling throws so far in his three games as a starter. He made a tight-window throw between two defenders against the Chiefs and showed off some big-play ability with two 50+ yard TD throws on the Buccaneers last week.

He has shown poise in the pocket and under center which is something that he never had to do at Oregon. He has been able to open up the Chargers offense and gives the Chargers the best chance to win every week.

The Chargers offensive line has been injured most of the season, despite that Herbert has been able to make some impressive throws under pressure.

In fact, he is the best quarterback under pressure this season according to PFF.


Herbert has had some rookie mistakes along the way, with some missed throws on late downs, some bad reads, and a few unfortunate interceptions. There are a couple of moments in each of the last three games that he shows that he’s still learning and is still a rookie and these are things that the coaching staff will work with him on.

There was a distinct play vs the Chiefs, where Herbert rolled out and had room to rush for the first down but opted to go for the big play to Keenan Allen, and it was intercepted. It was a tough play, but he has shown a lot of growth through the first three weeks and should only improve on that as the season progresses.

Photo: Mike Nowak/Los Angeles Chargers

What to Look Forward to

Herbert is the Charger’s future, and having him under contract for the next 4 years will be a big boost to the Charger’s ability to bring in big talent in Free Agency. While the Chargers are 1-3 on the season there is still a lot to look forward to with the development of Justin Herbert, and he should make a strong case for Rookie of the Year. The Chargers will need to battle through their injury woes this season, to continue to help Herbert develop.

The Chargers will go up against the former Chargers quarterback Drew Brees in what could be his last matchup against the Chargers in his career. Both teams have had underwhelming seasons with 1-3 and 2-2 records respectively. This will be a great opportunity for Herbert to show off his talent on Monday Night Football in a great matchup against the Saints.

The future is bright for the Chargers with Herbert at the helm.

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