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Will LeBron James Sit Out the Start of the Season?

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Danny Green stated that LeBron James may sit out the start of the season if it were to begin in December 2020.

LeBron James will be entering his 18th season at age 36. No player has more miles on him than LeBron James at this point in their career.

James is the leader of the Lakers and any decision he makes will be supported by his teammates and the organization.

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LeBron James is a competitor and sitting out the start of a new season is uncharacteristic. The lakers are the defending champions and the competition will only get better as teams prepare to defeat the lakers. James has so much responsibility on this team and if he were to miss games in the first month, the lakers will definitely struggle. It would be disappointing to see LeBron James on the bench in street clothes for the first 10-15 games of the season.

Anthony Davis plans to re-sign with the Lakers when free agency begins. Davis’s decision is directly impacted by LeBron James’ play and how long he can still be a dominant player. James leaving Davis to play without him for the start of the year is unlikely. LeBron wants to defend this title and compete against the best teams next year.

The Lakers will be at a disadvantage if the season starts on December 22, 2020. The Lakers must prepare accordingly for next season in free agency and in the draft.
LeBron James will most likely play and be ready to lead the Lakers to another championship.

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