In hockey, some things cannot be explained.

What about players who played on the Los Angeles Kings and their last name revolves around hockey in some fashion?

Let’s look at some of the favorites for the first-ever Los Angeles Kings All-Time Name Team.

Kyle Calder

First is forward Kyle Calder, the reason for the Calder trophy. Calder spent 2 years in Los Angeles, playing 139 games. In that time, he registered 15 goals, 32 assists for 47 points.

John Tripp

Next is forward John Tripp, where we got the name for the hockey penalty. Tripp spent 1 year in the Kings organization, playing 34 games. During this, he recorded one goal and 5 assists.

Dwight King

The last forward is Dwight King. The Los Angeles Kings got their team name from this young man. King played a pivotal part in both Kings Stanley Cup championships. He finished his 7 years with 52 goals, 56 assists for 108 points in 348 games.

Larry Playfair

Onto the defensemen and first up is Larry Playfair. He was popular because he spent 422 minutes in the box and the teams he was on did not play fair. In his 4 years in Los Angeles, he registered 20 points on 2 goals and 18 assists in 111 games.

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Bill White

His partner is defensemen Bill White. White became known because the ice surface became white in his honor. White, the player not the ice surface, played in 189 games over 3 seasons. He scored 86 points on 20 goals and 66 assists.

Jonathan Quick

Lastly, the goaltending position and that goes to Jonathan Quick, no explanation is needed. He has spent his whole 13 year career in Los Angeles, winning two Stanley Cups, career 325 wins, 2.39 G.A.A., and a .913 save percentage.

There it is!
What’s your all-time name team for the Los Angeles Kings?

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