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If the Time Comes, the Chargers Should Consider Eric Bieniemy

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2020 has been a train wreck thus far for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Fans have recently become fed up with coach Anthony Lynn, and also defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. The Chargers have competed with, and in most cases outplayed almost every team that was put in front of them.

How do they continue to fail to close out games?

The answer is unknown, but one has got to assume Anthony Lynn could be on the hot seat if this trend continues, even despite the number of injuries the Chargers have.

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If this is the case, and Tom Telesco opts to move on from Lynn, there is a candidate that most teams will be drooling over this off-season.

His name is Eric Bieniemy, the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bienemy’s success under Andy Reid is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve ever watched one game of the Chiefs offense since Patrick Mahomes arrived. Considering he has a Super Bowl under his belt, and the entire Chiefs locker room has vouched for him, I think that is enough to consider taking the risk on him.

Why would Bieniemy even look Los Angeles’ way?

Well, some may not be aware that he was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 1991, and played 4 years in the organization. Bieniemy could very well consider coming to his old home and try to restructure the losing culture the Chargers have had in this locker room.

Telesco has not given us any reason thus far to think he will make changes to the coaching staff, but if he does Eric Bieniemy should be the top priority this off-season.

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