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How Can the Galaxy Regain Their Former Glory?

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What needs to change this offseason for the LA Galaxy?
The short answer after this disappointing 2020 campaign would be well, everything.

This “rebuilding” process that started in 2017 after the departure of Coach Bruce Arena has not worked out at all.

The LA Galaxy have been subject to four consecutive, mediocre seasons where they have not only allowed a huge number of goals but seen four different coaches, and they have also missed the playoffs three times, which has resulted in the loss of respect and flagship status that they once held in the MLS.

If the Galaxy are ever going to regain the former glory that they once held to be a title contender, a few recommendations can be implemented.

Quick Statistics

With the exception of a somewhat decent (however greatly inconsistent) 2019 season, here are some brief statistics of the Galaxy’s last four seasons.

2017LA Galaxy3481884567-22
2018LA Galaxy341312966642
2019LA Galaxy34161535859-1
2020LA Galaxy2261242746-19

Source: MLSsoccer.com

Photo: The Canadian Press/Peninsula News Review

The Galaxy have missed the playoffs in three of the past four years. 2019 was the exception, where they won in the first round of the playoffs, eventually losing to rivals LAFC. With this in mind, a few crucial points should be on the Galaxy’s radar in the months to come.

Assign Proper Personnel

As with any organization, change usually begins from the top and works its way down to the rest of the club. A big change that we will anticipate this offseason will be the hiring of a new head coach. Although several names have already been mentioned, it is imperative that the LA Galaxy make the right changes in administrative personnel that will be able to lead the team in the right direction.

Galaxy supporters have been very vocal about the upper management and recent results of poor play led to the dismissal of Guillermo Barros Schelotto, with some even calling for the dismissal of Galaxy president Chris Klein. If the upcoming season does not yield positive results, this may be a solution that would have otherwise been long overdue.

Acquire Players Who “Fit”

The Galaxy are known for landing some of the biggest names in world football. While I feel this is something that they will continue to pursue, they need to also build a roster of players who will not only arrive in the glitz and glamour of the city but rather with the mentality to win a championship and with a desire to contribute to the club’s history. The big signing of the 2020 season was Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. Although he did not see much playtime due to injuries and a lack of performance, the striker himself acknowledged in an interview that he was not at his best.

The expectation for next season will be for the new coach to be able to find for Chicharito to produce goals for the club and have other players be able to compliment this and also contribute themselves. Additionally, there is work to be done in both the defensive and midfield areas that should be addressed in the offseason where they can improve the depth on the roster, and close the gap on the lack of talent that was evident in 2020.

Set the Standard Again by Playing With Identity

It means something special to wear the LA Galaxy crest. No other team has won the MLS Cup on five occasions, and one of the primary reasons why Major League Soccer has grown to the level it has and attracted much attention over the years since its inception can be attributed to the success that the LA Galaxy has had in their rich history. This has been done by not only acquiring great players and coaches but by building a cohesive team on all parts of the field that play with an identity of victory.

This team has also seen success in their academy players, and this can work in their favor in the long run if they continue to produce quality talents as we have seen in players like Efrain Alvarez, Julian Araujo, and even Nick DePuy.

Identity was non-existent for this team in 2020. They will have to make the commitment to turn this around in the season to come in order to compete with the ever-improving league.

Will the Galaxy be able to address this in the season to come?

Featured Image: The Canadian Press/Peninsula News Review
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