What is the one thing that people do not notice at a hockey game that they should…The score? No. The attendance? No.
The answer is the jerseys or sweaters. The sweaters tell a story that most of us might not be aware of.

The Los Angeles Kings started in the league wearing mind-blowing jerseys that consisted of gold and purple colors. Those were the primary home and away jerseys until the 1988 season. At that moment the Kings switched to black, grey, and white. Those were prominent until the 1995-96 season when they included a 3rd jersey, an all-time favorite of mine, some refer to as the Burger King jersey.

Photo: John Hoven/mayorsmanor.com

The Kings then rocked the purple, black and white sweaters from 1998 until the 2011 season, to which at that time they switched to their current home and away jerseys.

The Kings have also had some special event night jerseys, from their 30th-anniversary jerseys, legends night to the stadium series jerseys. However, the Kings recently unveiled maybe the greatest hockey jersey for the franchise. The jerseys include the historic purple and gold colors, with the chest being the logo of the 1998-99 jerseys.

Photo: lakingsinsider.com

The league is struggling right now with the financial aspect of the game during this hectic time. Although the league needs to recover somehow and bring in money some of the reverse retro jerseys look good and will sell. Others may sell a few and nothing else. Any funds will help the league recover somewhat which is what the league needs.

Some will agree with this statement and some will disagree. This is up for discussion as discussion brings up a debate, which leads to discussion.

What’s your favorite Los Angeles Kings jersey of All-Time?

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