The Los Angeles Lakers have reshaped their roster in free agency and through trades, first off by adding Dennis Schroder, Wesley Matthews, Montrezl Harrell, and Marc Gasol.

The Lakers also retained Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and look to re-sign Anthony Davis after Thanksgiving. The reason Anthony Davis is not re-signed at the moment is that the length of the contract is to be negotiated.

Anthony Davis is looking to align his contract with LeBron James.

James has a player option for next season which he can opt-in and finish his 4-year contract with the Lakers or opt-out and become a free agent.

Photo: Aaron Olivar/Flickr

Anthony Davis is the future of the Lakers organization but he has the leverage to force the Lakers front office to continue to make moves to surround him with the pieces to compete for championships for years to come. Davis is 27 years old and won his first title this past season. Davis wants to compete for more titles now while he’s in his prime.

This is where LeBron James will determine what Davis’s contract looks like.

Davis knows that he needs a superstar player beside him to win championships. If James were to opt-out next year and leave the Lakers, Davis would be stuck there without a superstar teammate to play with.

The question is how long can LeBron James continue to play at an elite level?

James is still the best player in the NBA at the moment with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Anthony Davis will probably sign a short term contract to give him flexibility and keep his options open.

The Lakers are in a prime position to win the championship again next season with Davis and James together.
Davis is all about winning and as long as the Lakers win, he’ll be happy.

Featured Image: Aaron Olivar/Flickr
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