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Hockey is Back…Sort Of

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With the sport of hockey in flux and no return date set we are in a state of wait and see.
Professional hockey leagues across the world are on hiatus right now but there are hockey games to be played before the year is done.

The World Junior Championships are set to go on December 25, 2020. There has been no indication that there may be a setback or problems of any kind to be sorted out. The sport of hockey needs this, the fans need this and so do the prospects. The Los Angeles Kings could have come representatives, as well as some new faces representing their countries.

Photo: dobberprospects.com/Samuel Tirpak

Those returning players include defenseman Tobias Bjornfot, forwards Quinton Byfield, Arthur Kaliyev, Alex Turcotte, as well as goaltender Lukas Parik.

With these young stars once again ready to show their talents on center stage again the Kings also have some young stars ready to see that same stage for the first time.

Those players include Brock Faber, Jordan Spence, Helge Grans, Kasper Simontaival, Juho Markkanen, Martin Chromiak. Grans, Chromaik, and Simontaival have limited IIHF experience, while Markkanen will be seeing this ice for the first time.

This tournament will be good for the young players to get down their timing, getting the legs going again, and play meaningful hockey. These young players need to be prepared for training camp and the seasons when they start.

This tournament will also give the Kings organization an idea and really look for what they have next season when they play against tougher, better competition.

The World Junior Championships mean the world to these players. Hockey is back, sort of. As hockey fans, we will take any hockey we can get right now.
Are you ready for the World Junior Championships to begin?

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