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3 of the Biggest Gamblers That Were Also Boxers

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Gambling and sports are synonymous.
Over the years, we have seen plenty of games that are connected to sporting events. That concludes football, cricket, basketball, and boxing.

While there were some great games developed over time that were linked to the boxing greats, many of those same individuals were very big into gambling. 

These three individuals are some of the most influential boxers in the sport’s history. These same guys have also spent a very high amount of money on testing their odds.

With that said, here are the three biggest gamblers that were also boxers. 

Mike Tyson

“Iron Mike” made his return to the ring on November 28th at the age of 55. There is nobody that can stop the champ in the ring. However, on the slots, there were plenty of machines. From the blackjack table to knowing his way around the Roulette rules, Tyson was a very enthusiastic gambler. For those reasons, that was why developers created The Mike Tyson Knockout Game. The game delivers 19 of Tyson’s famous knockouts. 

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In the casino, Tyson’s love was not a secret. He was noticed participating in the casino on numerous occasions, and this was before social media was as popular as it was. Tyson also owns a 52-room mansion which has a nightclub and gambling zone built inside. Mike Tyson’s Knockout Game also became a casino game, specifically in roulette. 

Floyd Mayweather

“Money” Mayweather is the greatest boxer in the sports’ history in terms of wins, but he is also one of the biggest gamblers in the world. In 2017, when he fought Conor McGregor, he pledged to bet $400,000 on himself to win but changed his mind. Even though Mayweather does not have a slot machine named after him, it should be noted that he places huge bets all over the sports industry. 

Mayweather has been linked to wagering over a million dollars on a college football game and the Super Bowl. He once lost $2.6 million when the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Denver Broncos. However, the $500 million man is doing just fine. 

Manny Pacquiao

The former champion and rival to Mayweather is synonymous with boxing. Even at the age of 41, he was going to participate in the WBA welterweight title match. While his boxing skills are at a high level, he makes the list as an avid gambler as well. 

Compared to the past, Pacquiao is a modest gambler. He actually used to be a very competitive poker player and has spent six-figure numbers while playing. He has been seen playing in various casinos all around the planet. He has been spotted in sports betting California, Australia, and in Las Vegas. When cockfights were legalized in the Phillippines, he began to make large wagers on that sport as well. Once he was elected to be a Senator in 2016, his gambling escapes have decreased, but you can count on the fact that he has not retired from that activity. 

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