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Fighting Belongs in Hockey

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Fighting belongs in hockey. Fighting does not belong in hockey.
Those two arguments get any hockey fan talking, and even today, it is still a hot debate.

Fans today and the NHL want fighting either out of the game or really minimized for the game to concentrate more on skill and speed. Players like Alex Iafallo and Anze Kopitar would have more room to skate, create opportunities.

The league has turned into a game that is faster, more focused on skill, less of the rough stuff. Hockey of any kind is still entertaining and watchable, just not like it used to be.

With fighting, you eliminate cheap shots on superstars and open up the ice for more creativity.

For me what is missing is the physicality and the hitting aspect of the game that has disappeared.

Players like Bob Probert would record 300 penalty minutes and score 30 goals. Even Wayne Gretzky has recorded a fight in the NHL. The Kings have had their share of tough guys. Marty McSorely, Jay Wells, Ian Laperriere would rearrange a player from the opposition’s face on a nightly basis and also be productive as well.

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Gone are the days of physicality and intimidation. The enforcer role would help the NHL, who is desperately looking for answers to get financially stable. This would increase attendance, therefore increasing revenue, protect superstars from cheap shots, bring a little fire back in the game.

The game of hockey, although still a spectacular sport to watch, needs a boost.

Go back to the days when the game originated- tough as nails and an audience grabber. Nothing like two heavyweights throwing bombs to get the crowd up and out of their seats.

What are your thoughts on the lack of fighting and physical play?

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