As the NFL season steps into the final quarter, we continue to get a clearer picture of what the 2021 NFL draft order could look like.
With that, we are now starting to see what the Chargers could do in some experts’ mock drafts.

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With the biggest glaring issue for the Bolts being at offensive line, specifically tackle, they currently stand at 5th overall pick. The problem is, there may not be enough value at pick 5 for them to address o-line.

Penei Sewell is one of the best tackle prospects we’ve seen in recent memory, but all signs point towards him not getting past Cincinnati, who also has glaring issues at o-line. After Sewell, the next best tackle prospect may not go until the mid-late first round. 

A lot of mock drafts are pointing at Los Angeles going in the direction of the best available talent, and grabbing star LSU receiver Ja’marr Chase.

Is this a fit? Well, you can’t have enough playmakers, so sure.

Although the Bolts aren’t lacking at receiver, there is an argument that could be made. Mike Williams has been solid, but his availability has been inconsistent. Keenan Allen just got re-signed to a huge deal, so he is a lock-in for the future.

The Chargers have been looking for that solidified slot/WR3 option so by selecting Chase, it could give the Chargers quite possibly a top 3-5 wide receiver core in the league.

There is no wrong in trying to surround Justin Herbert with as much talent as possible, this would give him yet another deadly weapon. 

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