Submitted by: Jeremy Friedman

A rose by any other name

wouldn’t have a parade

And, next year,

neither will New Year’s Day


You’ve read the news

They’ve kissed it goodbye

The Rose Parade won’t be

passing through Pasadena


Photo: Michael Owen Baker/AP

Erased for the first time

since the Second World War

Colorado Blvd’s colorful floats

are sunk before they ever rose


No bleachers, grand marshal,

theme, or awards

No Tournament-hosted event

showcasing painstaking effort


Lost tourism will wither local revenues –

not a cent following flowers’ scents

But the cancellation made sense

Health had to take precedence


Come January 1,

there’ll be a big football game,

But without fans or the parade

It won’t be quite the same

The poem’s author, Jeremy Friedman, is a lawyer and poet, whose poetry profile is online at

Featured Image: Michael Owen Baker/AP
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