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The LA Kings Are Back in Action: 5 Things to Look Out for in 2021

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The Los Angeles Kings will play hockey again, starting January 13.
The Kings will play a 56 game 2020-21 schedule that concludes May 8, with plenty of changes.

Photo: Paul Baker/stadiumjourney.com

After the NHL and NHLPA agreed to the upcoming season’s layout, we finally started getting the small details that we wanted.

Below are opinions on some of the changes to the abbreviated season.

1) Taxi Squad

The taxi squad is a good idea that helps teams “protect” 4-6 players, including 1 goalie, from moving back and forth to the AHL and back. The move also prevents players from moving from city to city and contracting the virus.

2) West Division

The Kings, now in the West division, are followed by Anaheim, San Jose, Colorado, Arizona, Vegas, St. Louis, Minnesota.

The league will allow 4 teams from each division, so look for the Kings to make the 20-21 playoffs.

Photo: Juan Ocampo/jewelsfromthecrown.com

3) Entry-Level Games

The entry-level games have been reduced from 10 to 7, which puts additional pressure on the general manager. This could be a good thing for Los Angeles, considering how many good young guns they have.

4) Training Camp Rosters

Training camp rosters can have a maximum of 36 players but an unlimited amount of goalies.

5) Training Camp Start

Since the Kings did not qualify for the playoffs last season, they will begin training camp on December 31, 2020.

This will be yet another season that is not normal; this is good for the league. The league and players will both lose money, and playing the 20-21 season will guarantee that the league will not lose as much as they thought.

The Kings, once they take the ice, will be like 5-year-olds full of sugar with nobody able to slow them down.

The team and fans are ready.
The time is now for our Kings to shine; go get ’em, boys!

Featured Image: Paul Baker/stadiumjourney.com
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