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Chargers With a Chance to Finish 2020 Strong

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Just under 3 weeks ago, the Los Angeles Chargers suffered a 45-0 route from the New England Patriots.
This could have put the Bolts out for the count and given players a reason to give up, but it didn’t.

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The coaching staff challenged the team to finish this year on a high note and now a couple of weeks later the Chargers have a chance to finish the year on a 3 game winning streak thus going into the offseason with some momentum

The Chargers are coming off their second straight victory after a close win against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, narrowly escaping 19-16, thanks to Justin Herbert closing out the game on the final drive.

Herbert not only helped the team win with heroic late-game acts once again but he also broke the rookie passing touchdown record early in the game with a touchdown toss to Austin Ekeler. The prior week, the Chargers overcame coaching and kicking issues to defeat and essentially end the Raiders’ playoff hopes in overtime, thanks to a game-winning touchdown by Herbert.

The Bolts showed promise recently, despite missing many key players. The team could have just taken the easy route and secured a top 5 draft pick when they fell to 4-9, but they kept fighting.

The Chargers will face a Kansas City Chiefs team who will probably bench the majority of their starters this Sunday, with a solid chance at finishing the year at just under .500.

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