The Los Angeles Lakers are 11-4 on the season so far.
The 4 Lakers’ losses are all at home. The Lakers are 7-0 on the road and have been dominant.

Why are the Lakers an average team at home this year?

The Staples Center is one of the best home arenas in the NBA for a long time. This is obviously with a packed arena of fans and due to Covid-19 safety protocols, the Staples Center is not allowed fans for probably the entire regular season.

Photo: Darryle Carter/Flickr

An empty Staples Center with no energy from the crowd is a huge blow to the Lakers this season. Go back to the opening night where the fans at the Staples Center would have screaming at the top of their lungs seeing all the players get their rings. Once the banner goes up, the Lakers players would feed off that energy. The Clippers took advantage and won the game in the 4th quarter. The same thing happened on MLK day against the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers jump out to a lead and lose it in the 4th quarter.

Basketball is a game of runs and fans have a huge part in how runs start and end. The Lakers road games have been better due to the chip of playing on the road. When the Lakers are at home, they look lifeless at times and need something to wake them up to execute and defend. The Lakers need to find the energy from within when they play at home or else home court won’t be an advantage in the playoffs.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis will find their rhythm soon and the Lakers will be back to a dominant team on any court they play on.

Featured Image: Darryle Carter/Flickr
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