Let’s face it: the Rams improved this season, but not to the caliber Sean McVay, or we were expecting.

The defense got better, a lot better with the additions of Brandon Staley, Leonard Floyd, and a talented rookie class, but the offense was stagnant. Yes, they found their replacement for Todd Gurley in Cam Akers; however, they failed to put up numbers anywhere close from last season’s 9-7 record. 

Goff threw for nearly 700 more yards in 2019 despite throwing three fewer interceptions in 2020. The offense also had inconsistent games, where it failed to move the ball down the field and cross midfield.

While it seems the Rams have the pieces on offense, it seems they can’t quite figure out how they go together. 

“What I’m evaluating is everything that we do, that includes the quarterback position, but that includes everything. So that’s where we’re at,” McVay told reporters during his final press conference of the season.

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With many big-name quarterbacks on the market, it’s likely fans get caught up in the possibility of landing either Deshaun Watson or Matthew Stafford. We have to honor when ESPN’s Adam Schefter predicts Aaron Rodgers wanting to leave Green Bay for sunny Los Angeles. Schefter’s like the Farmers commercial – he knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two.

While I’m not the biggest fan of Goff, I see his potential and don’t see him leaving anytime soon. Sean McVay might be frustrated with Goff’s performance this season, but I think he’s committed to the idea of evaluating and improving instead of dumping Goff. 

Whether McVay wants to trade Goff is hearsay because the Rams can’t afford the move. He still has $43 million left in guaranteed money on his contract.

No team will likely take on the contract without the help of a few draft picks, which the Rams don’t have.

Cutting him is not be wise with either because they’re still on the hook for the guarantee.  It would be nice to have a veteran like Rodgers or a talent upgrade like Watson, but Goff is here to stay. 

It could be possible for Rodgers to come to LA. If he demands a trade to LA, Green Bay would have to honor it. But, with no guaranteed money left, the Rams could take on the remainder of his contract if they can deal away Goff or restructure his and other players’ contracts. But I digress.

Goff’s main problem is ball security. He fumbled seven times and threw 13 interceptions. He needs to work on making better decisions when pressured and do some ball security drills with the running backs. Fellow 2016 draftee Carson Wentz went and got a personal coach to work on mechanics during the offseason after his rookie year and improved – maybe it’s something McVay and Goff consider. 

The biggest thing Goff need’s to work on is his confidence. He lost it after the Super Bowl loss, but he needs to start rebounding, or he’ll find himself out of the NFL when his contract expires.
If the Rams are going to find his replacement, though, it will be in this year’s draft. It won’t come through a trade or free agency.

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