January 26, 2021, marked the one-year anniversary of the tragic loss of Laker legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi, and seven other lives.

A year removed from the incident, Kobe’s legacy lives on through his die-hard fans all throughout the world. Sports media outlets and celebrities came up with numerous posts and segments to celebrate the life of Kobe Bryant.

Mamba and Laker fans alike spent the anniversary honoring him in many different ways — posting pictures, wearing their Kobe gear, and remembering all the great moments the Mamba had while he was here on earth. 

Kobe’s fans can be found all over the globe, and in the basketball-crazy country of the Philippines, these fans decided to pay homage to the Black Mamba through a new mural in the Tenement Basketball Court, Taguig City.

Photo: Tenement Visual Artists/Facebook

This world-famous court has been recognized for its marvelous court paintings throughout the years, even getting visits from several NBA players like Lebron James and Jordan Clarkson

The painters, known as the Tenement Visual Artists, also painted a mural last year after hearing the news, and this year they have come together to yet again pay tribute to the late NBA superstar and his daughter. Talking to Jerry Gabo, the head artist of the group, he mentioned that with the Kobe and Gianna painting, they wanted to portray the Father and Daughter relation as well as the love of the game of basketball. Kobe Bryant loved being a father to four daughters, and he made being a #girldad so much more significant.

Kobe’s legacy can be seen in these artists, who put in tireless efforts to complete this year’s mural. Just like how the Black Mamba put in countless hours perfecting his craft on the court, Jerry and his team worked for four long days to complete the mural, not to mention the difficult task of actually coming up with the final design. 

In the Tenement, they are more than just a community, they are a family, who all share a love for basketball, just like the late Laker legend did. The Tenement Visual Artists plan to continue honoring Kobe through living out his “mamba mentality”, becoming “better every day”, becoming the best people they can be, and committing to what they do every day.

The late NBA superstar will forever be instilled in their minds and in their hearts, and his legacy will forever remain in their famous basketball court, and he will forever remain in them. 

Kobe may be gone, but he lives on through us, his fans, through basketball, and the legacy he left behind. Mamba Forever.

Featured Image: Tenement Visual Artists/Facebook
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