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Did the Rams Give up Too Much for Matthew Stafford?

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I was surprised by Saturday’s news that the Los Angeles Rams traded away Jared Goff to the Detroit Lions.
I figured if they were going to solve the quarterback problems, it would have been through the draft just because of how massive Goff’s contract was.

“I’m just excited to be somewhere that I know wants me and appreciates me,” Goff told the NFL Network the day after the deal was announced. 

Goff’s relationship with the Rams and, more importantly, with Sean McVay went sour this season. McVay was not quiet about his frustration with him during the season. He’s commented on how Goff needs to keep better care of the ball. But the final nail in the coffin was McVay’s comment at the end of his press conference after the NFC Divisional game against the Green Bay Packers. 

Goff made the playoffs three out of his first five seasons. It’s on par with Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott, the two other notable quarterbacks drafted in the same year. Wentz and Goff are the only two to make it to lead their team to a Super Bowl appearance. 

Yes, I know Wentz was injured for the Eagles when they won the Super Bowl, but you can’t deny he was a strong contender for MVP before his injury.

However, Goff regressed after his Super Bowl appearance. He’s not playing like the $134 million contract. Since he received the contract in 2019, he’s thrown nearly thirty interceptions in two seasons and a 65% completion percentage. It was time to move on from Goff. 

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Trading for Matthew Stafford is a massive upgrade from Goff.

Despite not having Kevin Galliday for half the season and a mediocre offensive line and running game, Stafford managed to throw only ten interceptions this season and five more touchdown passes than Goff this season.

 Imagine what Matthew Stafford’s going to do with a better offensive line, a receiver core boasting Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, a great run game, and a championship-caliber defense. Stafford has a better football IQ than Goff and better improvisational skills when he’s out of the pocket. Let’s face it; those were skills Goff was never going to be able to learn.   

They’re not instant Super Bowl contenders like when Tampa Bay got Tom Brady, but they’re definitely making a strong case. I’m not concerned with Stafford taking over this offense; I’m also not concerned with what they gave up. 


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The Rams seem to do fine without having a first-round pick, and honestly. They’ve been picking in the latter part of the round anyways and look to be doing so for the foreseeable future.  When you look at the draft, nothing really separates the talent at the back half of the first round from the top half of the third round. Giving up two first-round picks and Goff in exchange for Stafford was a great move

The other thing about two first-round picks is it offsets the fact the Lions will be taking on Goff’s massive contract. They don’t have that much cap space left, but they can definitely move some guys around to make it work. 

Even the third-round pick is a fine addition to get the deal done. The Rams have their third-round pick and two compensatory picks in the 2021 draft. We don’t know if the Rams sent the one pick they were awarded or one of their compensatory picks.  

I really like this deal. I think getting in early and nabbing a quarterback makes sense. ESPN’s Adam Schefter projects a lot of quarterbacks moving around this offseason. Les Snead and the Rams getting a trade done now means they won’t be stuck trying to negotiate one based on other similar deals.

Many analysts believe Deshaun Watson will cost a team three first-round picks, considering the Texans are heading into a rebuild after a disastrous season. 

The Rams are the obvious winners in the trade.
I can’t wait for the Rams home game against the Lions next season. 

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