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Why Doesn’t LeBron James Want an All-Star Game?

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After the game between the Lakers and the Nuggets, Lakers star LeBron James was asked about the proposed March 7 All-Star Game in Atlanta.
His response was clear and surprising to some.

The NBA is in a tough situation after the face of the league didn’t seem excited about playing in the All-Star game. How can the league sell a product to millions of people after their star pushed back on the idea?

Well, the league must understand why James is not a fan of having an All-Star game.

The first and most obvious point is the situation the world is living in right now. We are in a middle of a pandemic, and the NBA season is barely surviving through this time. After dozens of games postponed, a schedule that isn’t even complete, various positive tests, and stricter protocols, the NBA decides that is appropriate to have a game that joins players of various teams.

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This decision makes the league look like hypocrites. One mistake by a player or staff member and that game can cost the NBA its season. All these sacrifices and protocols to risk it all for a game that in the end, doesn’t help anyone in the outcome of the season.

That is why LeBron James called this proposal a “slap to the face”.

“I’m not very happy about it,” James said, “but it’s out of my hands. I’ll be there if I’m selected. I’ll be there physically, but not mentally.”

James doesn’t want to look like the guy that controls the league, but his message is clear. He would rather have a 5-day break after having the shortest offseason ever than going to a game where the NBA season may be on the line.

Now, the players are probably split about this decision, as the NBA Players Association agreed to have the All-Star game, but have players like LeBron James and De’Aaron Fox pushing back on the decision.

Now it’s time for the league to make some decisions, knowing that their biggest star isn’t sold on their idea.

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