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Kyle Kuzma Has Arrived

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Anthony Davis left the game in the second quarter vs. the Denver Nuggets. Davis had been dealing with an Achilles strain the past week and will miss time with this injury.
With that, Kyle Kuzma was inserted into the starting lineup and allowed to continue his great play alongside LeBron James.

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Kyle Kuzma has been averaging 18 PPG and 9 RPG in the last 3 games. Kuzma is playing his best basketball as a Laker. The attention to detail has been Kuzma’s greatest growth. He’s in the right spot on defense, he’s making plays on the offensive glass, and he’s not forcing shots.

LeBron James has trusted him on defense and as a floor spacer to make the right plays. In the words of the great Kobe Bryant, “detail wins championships.”

The Lakers don’t know how long Anthony Davis will be out, so Kyle Kuzma and others need to step up in his absence.

The Lakers have a huge game against the Brooklyn Nets on February 18, and they will need Kyle Kuzma to help LeBron James while AD is out.

Home court advantage is not very important in a season that will have limited fans in arenas. Although the Lakers enjoy being at home in the playoffs, they have no problem going on the road in the playoffs.

The Lakers should hold on to a top 4 seed even with all the injuries.

This title run just got more difficult, but a challenge is nothing this Lakers team can’t handle.
This team will be ready to defend their title come playoff time.

Featured Image: Jaime_G Design_09/Flickr
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