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On Love and Soccer or True Love Waits

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Many of us did not spend Valentine’s day with our true love.
No doubt, we were almost certainly thinking of you while we were with others.
How could we not?
We’ve been loving each other for a while, since ‘96.

The effects of and adjustments to our daily lives that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has wrought, has moved the powers that be to communicate that it won’t be possible to see each other when we are able on April 17.
It’ll be hard to see others reunite with the objects of their devotion.
However, the devastating circumstances which keep us apart are unique, and so, although it is a hard decision to like or accept, it is certainly the best course of action.
It hasn’t been an easy year since we last saw each other.

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Despite the sleepless nights you’ve caused, a longing exists for your perfume; a mix of freshly cut grass, firework smoke, Modelo, and freshly baked cookies that hangs delicately in the Los Angeles air whenever we see each other.
When these mingle with the voices of the adoring multitudes raising them as one to sing your praises, it is easy to believe nothing could ever be better.
It’ll be difficult, but you’re worth the wait. True love always is.
In fact, this gives us some time to get our vaccines so we can go see you sooner and it gives you the time you need to complete your Renaissance.
A delayed start date also gives you a longer training camp to learn new things from new teachers as well as welcome new reinforcements.
Just today you took positive steps towards betterment and growth by signing Jamaican National Team and MLS veteran defender Oniel Fisher.
The 29-year-old’s experience and versatility along the backline have been praised.
Better yet, Josh Guesman, host of Corner of the Galaxy and Galaxy Insider Adam Serrano, confirmed that Fisher won’t need an international spot which gives you flexibility.
The depth he brings is also a welcome addition.
It’s no secret you could use the help.

And if rumors are to be believed, more could be on the way.

It hasn’t been announced yet, but you’re getting back together with Carlos Harvey.
The Panamanian is one for the future, but the 21-year-old should be able to contribute on occasion while he continues to develop.
If the relationships with Harvey and Fisher were undertaken with ease, your involvement with Cristian Pavón has been anything but.
There are many complicated aspects of the Pavón saga, among them prolonged transfer negotiations with Boca Juniors and questions about the medical fitness of his ankle that will potentially see him have surgery and be sidelined for almost two months.

But the most worrying thing about your Pavón entanglement is an impending sexual abuse case against him that’s in danger of voiding the reported completed transfer you’re trying to push through, as the woman accusing Pavón has requested a judge to prohibit him from leaving Argentina.

Pavón has denied everything, by all accounts has been fully cooperative with police, and released a statement pledging to do whatever he can to collaborate with them to make sure justice is served.
While undoubtedly a fine player, you sure are taking a big gamble on him.
If the deal falls through, you’ve wasted time trying to sign him and potentially missed out on other players.
If it’s successful, you might be getting a player trying to perform at a high level while also having to live with the specter of a court case that threatens his freedom.
Chicharito Hernández recently spoke about how hard it was to be the player he and fans wanted when he was in the midst of personal troubles.
Hernández made sure to take ownership of his struggles and through hard work and a carefully assembled team that includes a nutritionist, trainer, and emotional coach, claims he has been able to put the wasted year behind him.
Hopefully, this isn’t the case and things work out between you and Pavón, his innocence is proven and he continues to shine for you.

If they don’t, please have faith that although it’ll be hard, you’ll be forgiven as usual because we know you’ll eventually get it right.
It’ll be difficult, but you’re worth the wait. True love always is.

Featured Image: Shaun Clark/Getty Images
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