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Is It Time to Panic for the Lakers?

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After losing 4 straight games and 5 of the last 6, the Lakers are on the biggest losing streak since Anthony Davis arrived. Now, is it time to panic?

Absolutely not.

It’s very important to contextualize this streak. The team is playing without two of their 3 best players, and that it’s very important. Losing Anthony Davis changes not only the starting lineup and rotation but everyone’s role in the team. Other players need to step up and make up for the points that AD would score if he was playing. That kind of task cannot rely on only one player, meaning that multiple players need to step up in Davis’s absence to be successful.

Now, the three players that can step up offensively are Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, and Dennis Schröder. The Lakers lost Schröder minutes before the game against the Brooklyn Nets. These two losses changed everything for the Lakers, and they haven’t figured it out. If the front office feels that the team needs another player to be part of the rotation, they have the roster spots to add a player or two at the buyout deadline. But still, how worried should we be about the Lakers?

You could be concerned in the short term for the upcoming games, the team has not looked great in any facet. But in the long-term run, things will be completely different. For the playoff run, all the Lakers need is health. If their best players are healthy and available, then the basketball side will be figured out. That’s what LeBron James always does.
In the meantime, the Lakers should keep an eye on LeBron, making sure he doesn’t wear out carrying the team in Davis’ absence. The goal is clear, getting to the playoffs healthy and hopefully rested. In the month of February, James led the league in minutes, something not ideal for a player in his 18th season. Although LeBron has claimed that he doesn’t want to rest, giving him a night off will not harm anyone.

What do you think Laker nation, are you worried about the Lakers’ current losing streak?

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