The Rams already made a huge move this offseason before the season was even over.

Matthew Stafford is going to create a lot more opportunities for big plays. He loves to heave the ball deep to receivers.

Can the Rams get even more explosive on offense? 

Despite putting up nearly 251 passing yards per game, they only averaged 7.1 yards per game and 50 plays over 20 yards this season. Similarly, while running the ball, the Rams only managed 126 yards per game with only 4.3 yards per attempt and nine rushing attempts over 20 yards.

They need to find more big play as they did in 2018. The Rams had 83 plays over 20 yards.

Sean McVay wants to be more explosive next year, but what additions would it take

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Draft an Offensive Lineman

The Rams had one of the best offensive lines. Shoring up the offensive line would mainly be to find backups that can take over if Andrew Whitworth re-injures his knee next season. He already tore his MCL and PCL last season, and at 39 years old, it would be wise to spend a draft pick here. 

The Rams need to find some run blockers. Nine rushing attempts over 20 yards last season is kind of sad when you consider how explosive and talented the running backs are. The Rams have the running backs to have more big run plays; however, they don’t have the blocking to support it. 

Here’s the thing you can never go wrong drafting an offensive lineman. First, you can get one with the capability to move along the line. Second, if he surpasses Joe Noteboom, who played well in Whitworth’s absence, the risk paid off. Finally, if you train him well enough, but he never surpasses Noteboom, you can trade him. 

Trade for Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz would fill a few needs the Rams have on offense. Ertz is one of the best all-around blocking tight ends. He excels at the block and screen, but he even contributed to run blocking better than any other tight end. 

He also is a great pass runner with even better hands. The Rams could use Ertz to run the short routes and let Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Van Jefferson, or Josh Reynolds (if they resign him) focus more on the deeper routes. Considering Matthew Stafford’s second most target receiver was tight end T.J Hockenson, it could be a great pairing.  

There is a reason he’s a top-three or top-five tight end. Even in a down year, he’s considered one of the best tight end. But can you blame him for his down year? He was injured most of the season when the Philadelphia Eagles needed him because they had no other receivers. Also, other teams figured out the Eagles defense and their reliance on the two-tight end formation.

Ertz is an amazing tight. It might not be the best move, considering the Eagles will probably be looking for a linebacker, and it would be an expensive contract. However, the Rams would probably either have to move on from Tyler Higbee or not resign Gerald Everett or Johnny Mundt.  

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Add a Deep Threat Receiver

The Rams need to add a serious threat at wide receiver. The Rams surprisingly only averaged seven passing yards per game. While Woods and Kupp aren’t necessarily known as serious threats, they could step into the role. However, it more likely they add someone new and move on from Reynolds. Here are a few options to look at:

Marvin Jones would be a great fit for the Rams. He was Stafford’s favorite target in Detroit last season with 978 yards and 19 receptions over 20 yards – eight more than any Rams receiver. That familiarity might help Stafford settle in faster and get them straight on track for a divisional win and deep playoff run. He’d come with a pretty big price tag, but it’s worth checking out. 

Corey David would be another fantastic pick-up. It’s hard to keep a player like David when the Tennessee Titans have the best running back in the league right now in Derrick Henry, so running is the priority.

Then there is AJ Brown, who also took a significant chunk of targets as well. The two top players combined for 3,102 yards. David was just shy of a thousand himself with 984 yards and 14 receptions over 20 yards.

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