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A Difficult Situation for the Galaxy and Cristian Pavón

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The Galaxy may need to move forward with other options.

With the recent news coming out of Argentina regarding Cristian Pavón, it makes it difficult to move forward with re-signing the 25-year-old talent that was the Galaxy’s bright spot in last years difficult season. 

This news has been no secret within the past couple of months, but it appears that Pavon will be presenting with his attorney to an Argentine court on March 23 in order to make a statement in his defense to the allegations against him.

Cristian Pavon will present to an Argentine court on March 23rd/LAGalaxy.com

Situations like this are extremely difficult for everyone involved. The first order of business is for the player to take care of this matter, as this is a very serious allegation. If he truly is innocent, then he and his legal team will take the necessary steps in order for him to have the charges ultimately dropped against him. Nevertheless, if the allegations are true, then he should face the subsequent penalties as the court deems fit and restitution to the victim(s). 

It appeared in previous media discussions with head coach Greg Vanney that they had some intention to re-sign Pavon. However, with another step taken back in his case the Galaxy have a decision to either take a risk in investing the money to retain the player, hoping for a positive outcome that may not come to pass, or to not re-sign him and he potentially being found innocent and miss the opportunity on the MVP candidate. 

For the sake of the Galaxy, especially with two significant incidents occurring last year which led to the termination of two players, the Galaxy should likely err on the side of caution as they cannot afford to bring anymore negative light to the organization.

It may be necessary for Dennis Te Kloese and Greg Vanney to pursue other options if this is not resolved quickly. 

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