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Why LeBron James Deserves the MVP

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After another outstanding performance in the win against the Charlotte Hornets, LeBron James is once again the MVP front runner. It’s time to give the trophy to the best player of the last decade.

LeBron James is currently in his 18th year in the NBA but has only won the MVP trophy four times. Although he is tied for third-most MVPs of all time, it seems that he should have more after dominating the last decade the way he did. His teammates backed him up after the Hornets game:  

“Bron should have been the MVP at least eight, nine, ten times,” Kyle Kuzma said.

Now, that may be an exaggeration, but we can all agree that James deserved at least one more MVP. The last time he had a compelling argument was last year, when he ended up second behind Giannis Antetokounmpo but many people thought he deserves to win it.

The problem with the award is that it appears that the criteria change every season. Some years it’s the best narrative, others the player with the best statistics, and others is just the best player in the best team.

“He should get [MVP] this year, no one is as deserving, ” said Lakers coach Frank Vogel.

And LeBron has numbers to back that up. Without Anthony Davis, the Lakers still have the number one defense in the league. Why? Because James is leading the league in defensive win shares by a considerable margin. His defense has been outstanding all season and his stats back it up.

“You could really give him the MVP every year if you really wanted to,” said Alex Caruso.

Well, with Joel Embiid injured it looks like it’s James’ trophy to lose. LeBron is currently averaging 25.8 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 8.0 assists. It looks like that would be enough if the Lakers continue to have a successful season.  

“I should have more than four, I believe,” James said after the game against the Hornets. Well, this is the season to win the MVP, and be the oldest player to ever win that trophy.

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