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How Will the Lakers Manage the Center Situation?

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After signing Drummond, the Lakers now have 3 quality centers. How will this work out? Can Drummond give the Lakers what they need?

Before suffering a toe injury, Andre Drummond showed what he is able to do for the Lakers and how does he fit. His characteristics are different from both Harrell and Gasol, meaning that they can complement each other. This also means that the Lakers can choose who to play depending on the situation.

Drummond is the big defensive presence who can rebound and protect the rim as well as anyone. Gasol is a player that can stretch the floor with his 3 point range, while also having an elite passing ability for a big man. Montrezl Harrell is an elite scorer off the bench, whose energy gives the second unit a plus.

Drummond will play a big role against players like Nikola Jokic and Rudy Gobert. In those cases, he will have the important task of guarding the all-star player and letting Anthony Davis play power-forward. How many minutes will he play? We will not know until the actual game, but expect Drummond to have a big role in this type of series.

Another important aspect to the addition of Drummond is the help he brings to the team in the critical situation the team currently is at without LeBron James and Anthony Davis. This season Drummond is averaging 17 points and 13 rebounds, and the Lakers currently need that from Drummond, as he can become an amazing 1-2 punch with Montrezl Harrell coming off the bench. It will be interesting how much will the Lakers play Gasol, as the Lakers need his playmaking ability with James being out for a couple of weeks.

Can Harrell and Gasol play together? We don’t know if we will ever see this combination on the floor, but in the situation the team is currently in, Frank Vogel could try everything while trying to figure out the rotation for the playoffs.

What do you think Lakers nation, what’s the big man rotation going to look like?

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