The Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company (Nasdaq: HOFV) announced Los Angeles was selected as one of the 10 cities to host a team for its Hall Of Fantasy League (HOFL) – the Los Angeles Sidekicks.

Photo: Hall of Fantasy League

The HOFL is the first national fantasy league that allows fans to experience a fantasy team with a community of shared stakeholders. Unlike traditional fantasy sports leagues where individuals pay an entry fee, manage their own teams, and compete against friends over the course of a season, the HOFL reimagines fantasy entirely through a professional sports league structure and community-driven format.

Utilizing the concept of staking, the HOFL’s model aggregates fan bases and large communities of fantasy players by unifying them as shared team stakeholders in a season-long national fantasy league.

 The Sidekicks will be managed by a dedicated front office consisting of prominent fantasy experts and may include a high-profile personality from the world of professional football as a team ambassador.

Featured Image: Hall of Fantasy League
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