The Los Angeles Lakers are 33-21 and sit as the 5th seed in the western conference. There are 18 games left and the question looming for the Lakers is when will their two superstars return.

The Lakers have played well without James and Davis in the lineup, recording a 5-7 record. Most media members predicted the Lakers would not win a game without James and Davis on the floor.

Frank Vogel has done an exceptional job with this roster and has gotten the best out of them including an impressive 25 point win against the Brooklyn Nets.

The Lakers and Nets are sharing the top of the list as the 2 main favorite teams to win the Championship both with odds at +285 according to Sports Betting Dime.

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LeBron James is projected to miss another 3 weeks as he heals from the high ankle sprain he suffered against the Atlanta Hawks on March 20. Anthony Davis should return within the next 2 weeks from his calf injury. With just 18 games left, the only thing the Lakers need to worry about is health. A healthy Lakers team is the best team in the NBA and the favorite to win the championship. The Lakers must make sure both James and Davis are 100% when they return.

Frank Vogel seems to have found a style of play without James and Davis that has worked for the most part. The playoffs are approaching and Vogel needs to find out who will contribute in the playoffs. Once Davis and James return, the focus will be on the playoffs and seeding.

The Lakers need to avoid the play-in tournament and hold on to the 5th seed or move up in the standings.

LeBron James posted on his Instagram that a “thunderstorm is coming”.
This can only mean that James and Davis are preparing to dominate once they return from injury.

Featured Image: photocat001/Flickr
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