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A Bold Prediction for the Rams Heading Into the 2021 NFL Draft

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We’re finally here. It’s draft week, with Round 1 kicking off this Thursday.
The Rams won’t be on the clock until Friday with the 57th pick — their first of six picks.

The Rams don’t have many needs, so they’ll be stocking up on prospects to lead the team in the future. To gear up for the draft, here is the boldest prediction for the Rams. 

The Rams are going to pick their quarterback of the future.

It won’t come until the sixth or seventh round — but it will happen.

The Rams have time to wait on picking the next face of the franchise, but time is not on their side. 

Think about it — Sean McVay didn’t pick Jared Goff. The Rams picked Goff in the 2016 draft, and McVay took over from the quarterback killer Jeff Fisher in 2017.

Goff was already dealt his starting quarterback and has been dying to draft his quarterback.

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Couple that by the fact Matthew Stafford is a short-term solution. He’ll probably not get more than a two to three-year deal when his contract is up at the end of the season. The Rams will have at most four years to develop their future quarterback then. 

The big thing is Matthew Stafford is the type of quarterback you bring in to develop your next QB. He’s been in the league for 11 years and played at an elite level. He’s averaged 4,100 yards, 25.6 touchdowns, and a 62.6% completion percentage. He’s going to teach whoever the Rams get how to be an NFL quarterback and compete at the next level. Matthew also brings a great sense of leadership and can mentor the young quarterback not just in the on-the-field skills but the off-the-field and locker room ones. 

McVay can get a fresh start with a quarterback prospect in this year’s draft. Yes, many of the top prospects will go in the first round, but there will be plenty to chose from. I’m high on Ian Book from Notre Dame and Sam Elingher from the University of Texas.

Though after Mac Jones, it’s anyone’s guess on who the Rams can take.
Any quarterback outside of the top five of ESPN’s rankings has a chance of being available in the sixth and seventh round.

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