This chaotic NHL season is winding down; for some teams, they are already locked into a playoff spot; for others, the time is ticking for them to make a move and secure their spot in the playoffs.
The Los Angeles Kings are one of those teams.

The Kings have less than a month remaining in the 2020-21 season and, although things look grim, they still have a shot at a spot. They are still alive and have not been officially eliminated. They currently sit at 6 points back of the final spot, occupied by the St. Louis Blues.

The remaining schedule, which includes 4 home games and 6 road games, is all must-win. 3 games against the Anaheim Ducks, 2 against the Arizona Coyotes, 1 against the Blues, and 4 against the Colorado Avalanche are all that remains.

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The last home game of the season is May 10 vs. the Blues in a game that most likely will determine who gets that last spot. The final away game is May 14 against the Avalanche. The remaining games are all meaningful, and they still have a puncher’s chance of getting in.

This season was going to be chaotic regardless of how the Kings played. Knowing they haven’t played their best and are still in the hunt for a playoff spot says they are still determined and have not given up.

The Kings are not out of it yet and still fight left in themselves to go out and grab that final spot. However, we all know it will take some losses on the teams above and luck.

This will be an exciting last few weeks, and we should buckle up because anything can happen.
These Kings are not done yet; they are out to catch people and teams off guard.

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