The Los Angeles Lakers begin their road to back-to-back titles with a play-in game against the Golden State Warriors.

LeBron James looked healthy in 2 games vs. the Indiana Pacers and New Orleans Pelicans. James did tweak his ankle in the last game against the Pelicans, but he was able to walk off the court on his own.

Anthony Davis has got his rhythm back and looks like the player we saw in the playoffs last year.

The Lakers dynamic duo appears to be ready for another deep playoff run.

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The Warriors have played well lately, and Stephen Curry is on a roll that we haven’t seen in NBA history. The Lakers’ defense in 3 games against Curry held him to just 23 ppg. Curry just won his second scoring title, averaging 32 ppg for the season.

It takes a team effort to slow down the greatest shooter in NBA history. The Lakers will have their hands full trying to defend Curry.

The path the Lakers have in front of them could be tough but manageable because of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The teams in front of the Lakers are either young or unproven. If the Lakers win the play-in game, they would get the 7th seed and play the Phoenix Suns in the first round. Chris Paul has had an amazing year along with Devin Booker, but the Suns haven’t been in the playoffs as a team, and the Lakers will exploit their weaknesses.

LeBron James’ health will be something to look at during the playoffs. One bad tweak from his ankle and the Lakers’ chances to win another championship get smaller. James and Davis must stay healthy throughout the playoffs in order to give themselves the best chance to repeat.

This team is motivated and ready to win against anybody in the Western Conference.

Featured Image: Casino Connection/Flickr
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