The Los Angeles Lakers have secured their playoff spot after winning their thrilling play-in game against the Golden State Warriors.
LeBron is set to lead the Lakers once more as they aim to go back-to-back. A big difference from this year’s playoff run is that they are not the 1st seed anymore; they are the 7th seed in the loaded Western Conference. 

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With that, the odds are not in LeBron’s favor this year. No NBA team has won the championship from the 7th seed. The lowest seed to win the title was the 6th seeded Houston Rockets back in 1995. The next lowest seed to win would be the Boston Celtics in 1969 when they were the 4th seed.

Surprisingly, it’s not impossible to make the finals from such a low seed as there has been a lower seed to make the finals. The 1999 New York Knicks had a Cinderella run coming from the 8th seed to make the finals, where they lost to Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs

This would also be LeBron’s lowest playoff seed ever. Since he first made the playoffs in 2006, the lowest seed a LeBron James team had was the 4th seed. He missed the playoffs 3 times in his career, but every time he would make the playoffs, he would either be the 4th seed or higher. 

Even though it seems like the odds are against LeBron and the Lakers, if there is one person that can beat those odds, it would be LeBron James. 



No one could forget how LeBron led the Cleveland Cavaliers to their legendary title run in 2016, where they became the first team in history to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals. He also delivered the first title in Cleveland in over 50 years

The Lakers would not want anyone else to lead them in this tough battle ahead of them.
Let’s all hope that LeBron James can show everyone once again why he is one of the greatest players of all time.

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