Anthony Davis left Game 4 with a left groin strain.
Davis had been battling a knee injury that could have sidelined him for Game 4 but he felt good enough to play.

This injury came at a cost as the Lakers lost to the Phoenix Suns and have put themselves in a tough position.

The Lakers will have to win without Davis for at least one game, if not two.

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LeBron James is going to have to be more aggressive scoring the ball and creating shots if the Lakers are to win 2 of the next 3 games. The Lakers defense struggled without Davis on the floor and got outscored 27-15 in the 3rd quarter. The Phoenix Suns are the 2nd seed in the Western Conference because Chris Paul is one of the best leaders in the NBA. Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton are great young players. The Lakers have a tough task with having to win on the road without Anthony Davis.

This series can be very dangerous for the Lakers, James is healthy but can he dominate and carry the Lakers past the Suns at age 36?

The Lakers were 7-7 at one point without Davis in February and March. Davis provides rim protection and length to be able to switch on the guards in key moments. The Lakers role players will have to step up and play well on the road.

The Lakers could be without Davis for the rest of the playoffs. Davis has dealt with too many injuries this season and at some point, the Lakers have to be careful.
Davis signed a 5 year extension and he’s only 28 years old. Davis is here for the long haul and sometimes the body fails you in times of need.

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