The Los Angeles Lakers have the 22nd pick in the upcoming NBA draft. The Lakers fell short with a first round loss to the Phoenix Suns. The Lakers still have championship aspirations and the roster must get better to maximize the Lakers chances. The upcoming NBA draft is filled with talent in both rounds and the Lakers need immediate help at 3 positions.


The Lakers need a knockdown shooter that can also defend and handle the ball. Most guards that are developing their games in high school and college have the shooting ability with the ball handling to go with it. The Lakers had Ben Mclemore this past season and although he is a knockdown shooter, he isn’t much of a defender or ball handler. LeBron James will be entering his 19th season in the NBA next year and it’s asking too much to have him create for everyone else on the floor.

The Lakers also need a stretch 4 that can play with Anthony Davis. The Lakers spacing became an issue during the first round matchup with the Phoenix Suns. The Lakers did not space the floor good enough for James and Davis to dominate the paint. Rob Pelinka needs to find a complimentary stretch 4 that can defend the rim but most importantly, space the floor.

Dennis Schroder and Alex Caruso are set to become free agents this summer and the Lakers will have to make a decision on keeping one or the other. Schroder struggled in the playoffs and he turned down an extension for more money in free agency. Caruso is still a good piece to the team when he’s healthy.

The Lakers offseason is going to be interesting. The draft is a good way for the Lakers to upgrade key positions quickly.

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